Sunday, March 31, 2013

Walnut Raspberry Pi Enclosure - Pt. 3

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Getting the block cleaned out will be a two part post since the setup at the router table is intense.

I used the marking gauge here just to show where each sections was. The top is the waste that was cut off to get the proper final dimensions  Next is the 1/4" of the lid that will be exposed when the lid is on. Next I made a cut about 3/13" deep to put a lip on the lid so it would stay in place. After this is the important part of measuring out the extra 1/8" for the blade kerf to part the lid from the base. Cutting the lid from the base like this helps the grain pattern stay as close as possible.

This is just the lid lip cut in. Notice I don't have a flat tooth blade so there was a V groove I took care of with hand tools later.

Now I used the marking gauge to layout the wall thickness before heading to the drill press

I started out with a small bit to just take out the materials in the corners. I have my depth gauge set to just about 1/8" shy of the final depth since forstner bits will leave a point in the middle and a ring on the outside at the bottom of their hole.

Then stepped up to a slightly larger bit to clear most of the waste out. If I did this all at the router table I would have burned up a few bits and spent a day doing it.

This is what you are left with after the drill press. On to the router table!

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