Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CAN Bus Sequential Shift light

The idea for this comes from Jon over at Chippernut.com The wiring is basically the same and the fuctionality is simalar to the V1 (http://www.chippernut.com/blog/welcome) but the code has been reimagined from the groud up and uses the CAN Bus libraries from sparkfun to send OBD PID requests over the CAN bus using the MCP2515 chip.

Here is the Github repo for the two versions, one with only the LED strip that works with the above board. and one that has the same sort of settings controlled by the 7seg display and a rotary encoder.
Version 2 is in the works and it adds a Arduino Uno compatible footprint so it can be much more than just a shift light. I just need to order all new surface mount versions of the chips and some new connectors.


  1. Can I buy one of these - assembled or unassembled?

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